Players will learn basic technical skills, team play, and rules of the game through fun activities and exercises. Our main goal of this camp is to provide an instructional learning environment that is fun and challenging to help improve each player’s technical and tactical abilities. 

During this full day of camp, players will start the day learning 9 instrumental techniques of the game including:


Focus of the topic

Dribbling, Speed, and Agility

Deceptive moves to beat an opponent. Using different foot surfaces

Turns, Heading

Changes in direction to beat a player or create space. Using different foot surfaces

Passing and Receiving

Improve passing range and accuracy, and first touch to maintain possession of the ball

Shooting and Crossing

Striking techniques to score goals

 After campers practice these techniques, we end the day playing games so they can showcase what they have learned!


       Boys and Girls Welcome


          4-6 for Mini Buffs (half day)

          7-12 for Lil’ Buffs (full day)


            Day Camp One: June 4th-8th

            Day Camp Two: July 16th-20th


            9am-3pm full day (Monday-Thursday) 9am-12pm (Friday)

            9am-12pm half day

                  *Please note, Friday ends earlier with a Pizza party for lunch


Contact CU Soccer Camps

369 UCB 510F CC, Boulder, Colorado 80309


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